Greetings, dear friend, and a warm welcome to the Ecstatic Circle.

We are modern international nomadic tribe, championing values such as sobriety, awareness, and the well-being of body and mind.

Our mission is to forge connections among individuals and communities globally, to open hearts, to motivate a commitment to a healthy way of living, and to nurture the joy of life, aiding individuals in fostering a deeper relationship with their bodies.

We craft events and experiences that resonate deeply, facilitating a reconnection with every aspect of one's being.

To date, we've created over 30 events, held 5 retreats. Cooperated with dozens talented DJs, musicians and facilitators from all around the world.

Our resident DJ MaYa, is international DJ & facilitator, gracing Ecstatic Dance stages across Europe and the Middle East—including the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine, Israel, and Egypt—in over 30 diverse venues.

Our conviction is strong that Ecstatic Dance must flourish as a global phenomenon, as it provides a secured, sober environment for individuals to dance, express, heal, and co-create.

We are enthusiastic about new partnerships, so if our vision resonates with you, please feel encouraged to contact us.

We're also excited to share our latest video, a significant landmark in our journey, highlighting our 30th event set in the sacred lands of Sinai in Dahab.

With love, we anticipate seeing you at our gatherings!

Your Ecstatic Circle team.
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Meet Our Team
We are doing warm experience for your souls
since 2020
  • Yuliya
    Organizer of Ecstatic Dance events and Retreat Tours, Thai Massage Professional, traveler.
  • Maya
    Maya is nomadic Ecstatic Dance DJ & facilitator, co-founder of Ecstatic Circle tribe
    She is Water Flow guide, body therapist and workshop leader (bodywork, movement and Water Flow workshops)
  • Lars
    Ecstatic Circle producer and community leader, wild dancer, facilitator of Cacao and Rapeh ceremonies
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